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Compressor is a tool to enter or send conditioned air to high pressure. The compressor is a mechanical equipment which is used to provide energy to the fluid gas / air, so that the gas / air can flow from one place to another continuously. Kompressor in the automotive industry is a tool to provide high pressure air. Kompressor in the chemical industry is a tool to help chemical reactions by increasing the system pressure. Kompressor in heavy lifting equipment that works pneumatically airfreighter is a tool to a power source.

Kompressor based methods work is divided into two, namely:
  1. Compressor with working methods Positive Displacement
    How it works by entering the air into an enclosed space, and at the same time space volume is reduced, then the pressure within the chamber itself will go up.
  2.  Compressor with working methods Dynamic How it works by giving the speed at which the air is at room volume space remains, then at the same time the speed is converted into pressure.

Types of compressors

Air compressors are available in various types, designed to meet the different needs of users. Each type of compressor may differ in method of cooling, compression stage, lubrication, or the energy source of the compressor itself. The three main types of compressors are described below:

  1. Reciprocating Compressors (Piston / piston)
    A reciprocating air compressors utilize a piston to compress air and store it in a storage tank. Based on the number of compression stages, reciprocating compressors are divided into single stage or double stage. In a single stage unit, only one piston is used to compress the air, while the double-stage unit, there are two pistons to compress air.
  2.  Rotary Screw Compressors
    In rotary screw compressors menggunkaan two helical screw rotors that spin or as a tool to compress (compress) air.
  3.  Centrifugal compressors
    A centrifugal compressor is also commonly called the dynamic compressor. Compressors of this type are typically used for high pressure requirements. Compressors of this type using the impeller to compress (compress) air.
    High-speed rotating impeller to increase the velocity of air, which is directed towards the diffuser which converts the air velocity into pressure. A centrifugal air compressor usually requires more energy when compared to other types of compressors

Primary and Functions
The compressor consists of several parts that function with one another interconnected, which are:
 Static section

  1. Casing
    Casing is the outermost part of compressors that serve:
    1.  As a protection against mechanical influences from outside.
    2.  As a patron and fulcrum / supporter of moving parts.
    3.  As the seat of the suction and discharge nozzles and other stationary parts.
  2. Inlet Wall
    Inlet wall is diafram (partitions) that are installed on the suction side as the inlet channel and is associated with the inlet nozle. It acts as a gas channel entrance at the first stage, then meterialnya be resistant to abrasive and erosion.
  3. Guide Vane
    Guide vane in place at the front of the first impeller eye on the suction (inlet channel). The main function is to direct the flow guide vane for the gas to enter the impeller with equitable distribution. Construction there is a fixed vane and there that can be set (movable) angular position with the aim of operation of the compressor can be varied and accomplished efficiency and high stability.
  4. Eye Seal
    Eye seals are placed around the outside of the eye of the impeller and at the fulcrum by the inlet wall. Eye seals always form a set of metal ring surrounding the impeller wear ring (see figure 4). Serves to prevent back flow of gas out of the discharge impeller (high pressure) back into the suction side (low pressure).
  5. Diffuser
    The diffuser serves to transform the energy that comes out of the discharge speed of the impeller into potential energy (dynamic). For multi-stage impeller mounted between inter stage.
  6. Labirinth Seal
    Labirinth seal used to insulate the area:
    1. Shaft and diaphragm as a shaft seal.
    2.  Casing and shafts as a casing seal.
  7.  Return Bend
    Return bend is often called a crossover that serves diverting the gas flow direction of the diffuser to return the channel to enter the stage / next impeller. Return bend formed by the arrangement of the diaphragm mounted in a casing.
  8. Return Channel
    The return channel is a channel that serves to give the direction of gas flow from the return bend into the next impeller. Return the channel is equipped with fixed vanes with far goal swirl (eddy flow of gas) at the time of entry the next stage so as to minimize the vibrations, see figure 8.
  9. Diaphragm
    Diafram are components of the compressor which serves as an insulator between the stage and the seat of the seal eye and inter stage seal. With the installation of the diaphragm in series, will form three important parts, namely a diffuser, return bend, and the return channel. The diaphragm is placed inside the casing with a tongue-groove relationship so easy to be overhauled.

Dynamic part

  1. Shaftand Shaf
    Shaft or transmission shaft used to support the impeller and continue southwest of pengerak to the impeller. For placement on the impeller shaft in use pegs (key) and the multi-stage, positioning pegs are made alternately so balanced. While the distance between the stage of the impeller in use shaft sleeve, which serves as a protective shaft to the effect of corrosion, erosion and abrasion from the flow and gas properties and for placement between stage impeller shaft seal.
  2. Impeller
    Impeller serves to increase the velocity of the gas by means of a rotating, causing the style. This causes the gas inlet / flow from inlet tip (eye impeller) to discharge tip. Because of the change in the radius of the rotary axis between the tip of the blade in with a tip of the blade out then an increase in speed of energy.
  3. Bearing (Bearing)
    Bearing is internal compressor section that serves to support radial and axial loads that rotates with the aim zoomed friction and prevent damage to other components.

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