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Classification Industry in Indonesia

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What is industry ?
Industry is an organization of processing raw materials or semi-finished goods into finished goods finished goods that have added value to benefit. Enterprises assembly or assembling and repair are part of the industry. The results of the industry not only in the form of goods, but also in the form of services.

Commomly industry classification based on : raw materials, labor, market share, capital, or the type of technology used. In addition to these factors, the development and economic growth of a country also determines the diversity of the country's industry, increasingly large and complex society needs to be met, the more diverse the type of industry. Here the list:
  1. Classification of industries based materials standard
  2. No. Classification Industry Material
    1 Extractive industry namely industrial raw materials obtained directly from nature.
    2 Nonekstraktif industry namely the further processing industries other industries
    3 Facilitative industry Industrial activities is to sell services to the needs of others.
  3. Classification of industries based workforce
  4. No. Classification Industry Man Power Quantity
    1 Big Industry 100-more
    2 Middle Industry 20-99
    3 Small Industry 5-19
    4 Home Industry 1-4
  5. Classification based production industry generated
  6. No. Classification Industry Production industry generated
    1 Primary industries Industries that produce goods or objects that do not need further processing
    2 Secondary industry The industry that produces goods or items that require further processing before enjoyed or used.
    3 The tertiary industry The industry that results are not in the form of goods or objects that can be enjoyed or used, directly or indirectly, but in the form of services that can facilitate or assist the needs of the community
  7. Classification of industries based on raw materials
  8. Classification of industries based on the location of the business unit
  9. Classification of the industry based on the production process
  10. Classification of industries based on goods produced
  11. Classification of industries based on capital employed
  12. Classification of industries based on the subject manager
  13. The industry classification is based ways of organizing

Classification Industry base on Decree of the Minister of Industry No. 19 / M / I / 1986 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The classification is as follows:

  1. Basic Chemical Industries (IKD)
  2. Industrial Basic Metal Machinery and Electronics (IMELDE)
  3. Various Industries (AI)
  4. Small Industri
  5. Tourism Industry
For detail info you can read Wiki Bahasa Indonesia here