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Glossary of terms in the field of advanced industry

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In the industrial sector is known by many terms related in the world. Maybe you are looking for information one or more terms that are less understood, for it this time the writer will provide information online.

  1. Agro-industry: industrial agriculture field.
  2. AKIN: Academy of Chemical Industry.
  3. Amko: small cars (taxis).
  4. Assembly: assembly machinery, vehicles, and others.
  5. AIPI: Indonesia Plastics Industry Association.
  6. API: Indonesian Textile Association.
  7. Handloom: Not Weaving Machine Tools.
  8. AKPERIN: Academy of Industry.
  9. Asphalt: processing residual oils can be used stiffen the road.
  10. Airframe: the entire plane, without engine.
  11. Marble: limestone metamorphosed.
  12. Raw materials: the basic ingredients that have not been ready for use.
  13. Raw materials: semi-finished goods and not yet ready for use.
  14. Explosives: chemical compounds that react quickly, to have the power.
  15.  Ore minerals: minerals such as iron, tin, bauxite, gold, and others.
  16.  BIPIK: guidance and development of small industries.
  17.  Brons: stuff the mixture of tin and copper.
  18.  Boldauser: raksasak car scraper minerals or materials.
  19.  Design: The design of the models.
  20.  LPG (LPG): liquified petroleum gas (liquefied natural gas, as a fuel type).
  21.  The era of industrialization: industrial era characterized by the emergence of industrial-paced culture.
  22.  Home industry: domestic industry.
  23.  Huller: rice milling.
  24. Basic industries: industrial goods used in other industrial sectors as raw materials or industrial tools, for example: textiles, steel industry, chemical, and others.
  25. Heavy industry: a kind of basic industries in the form of goods giant and heavy (iron, steel, and others).
  26. Rural industries: business process goods for living in rural areas are done by hand.
  27. Industrial machinery: industrial company engaged in the field of machinery.
  28. The tourism industry: industrial enterprises in the field of tourism.
  29. Downstream industries: industries producing finished goods.
  30. Autobody: cover frame of the car, the main part of the car body.
  31. Handicrafts: industry activity that is done without using the engine.
  32. Leather craft: the activity of the leather industry processing into ready-made goods or semi-finished materials.
  33. Components: part of the whole: the element.
  34. Commercial: is trade.
  35. Convection: the apparel industry.
  36. Quality: The quality (of goods and others).
  37.  LIK: Small Industrial Environment.
  38. Waste: the waste remnants products containing chemicals.
  39. Management: management.
  40. Commodities: merchandise.
  41. Polyster: man-made fibers..
  42. Productivity: the ability to produce something.
  43. Marble: marble.
  44. Client: people who have a reciprocal relationship in the business world.
  45. Spare parts: tools that are components of the machine.
  46. Sector: a business environment.
  47. Turpentine: a type of cooking oil paint.
  48. Chamber of Commerce: chamber of commerce and industry.