Injection molding plasic industry

Injection molding is the processing method in which the thermoplastic material for heating molten material is injected by a plunger into a mold which is cooled by the water where the material will be cool and harden so it can be removed from the mold.

Injection molding machine was patented first recorded in 1872 in the United States for processing celluloid. Next in the 1920s in Germany began to be developed injection molding machine but still operated manually which mold clamping is still using a lever. In the 1930's when a wide variety of available resins developed injection molding machine which is operated hydraulically. In this era, most of the injection machine moldingnya still plunger-type single stage. In 1946 James Hendry makes injection molding machine type single-stage reciprocating screw first. Beginning in the 1950s relay and timer began to be used for controlling the injection process.

Thermoplastics in the form of granules or powder is collected in a hopper and then down into the barrel automatically (due to gravity), where he was melted by a heater located in the barrel wall and by friction due to the rotation of the injection screw. Melted plastic is injected by the injection screw (which also serves as a plunger) through a nozzle into a mold which is cooled by water. Products are already cool and harden removed from the mold by hydraulic plunger that is embedded in the house next mold is taken by humans or robotic. At the time of the cooling process products simultaneously in a process of melting plastic barrel so that once the products are removed from the mold and the mold closes, melting plastic can be directly injected.

Injection Moulding Component
  1. The injection unit - part of the injection molding machine which is used to melt the plastic material, consists of a hopper, barrel and screw.
  2. Mold - part of the injection molding machine where the melted plastic molded and cooled
  3. Fixture Unit - part of the injection machine that serves for gripping the mold during the injection of material into the mold while providing product release mechanism of the mold 

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