Requirements established Limited Liability Companies PT

Requirements established Limited Liability Companies PT
    1. Copy of ID card of the shareholders and management, at least 2 people
    2. Copy KK responsible / Director
    3. Responsible tax number
    4. Photograph of the person in charge of size 3x4 = 2 lbr colored
    5. Copy the United Nations last year for which the domicile of the company
    6. Copy of Contract / Rental Office or proof of ownership of business premises
    7. Domicile Certificate from the Building manager if domiciled in the Office Building
    8. Certificate of RT / RW (if needed, for a company operating in a residential neighborhood) Specialty outside Jakarta
    9. Offices in the Region Office / Plaza, or commercial, or not in residential areas.
    10. Ready in survey

    Terms establishment of Limited Liability Companies PT formally under Law No. 40/2007 are as follows:

    1. Founder of at least 2 or more (Art. 7 (1))
    2. Notary Deed speaking Indonesian
    3. Each founder must take part on shares, except in the context of smelting (ch. 7, paragraph 2 and paragraph 3)
    4. The deed of establishment must be approved by the Minister for Justice and published in BNRI (ch. 7 paragraph 4)
    5. The authorized capital of at least Rp. 50m and paid-up capital of at least 25% of the authorized capital (Art. 32, PS 33)
    6. Of at least one director and one commissioner (Art. 92 paragraph 3 and Art. 108, paragraph 3)
    7. Shareholders must be citizen or legal entity incorporated under the laws of Indonesia, except PT. PMA

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